Monday, August 25, 2003

And so- a quick recap of the Crouse Clambake- there was a new element to the evening this time- the hideous, the lurid, the exciting Lobster Boy!! He was in a little carnival cage and he danced and waved his bright red claws! He did look a bit like a spray-painted James Brown doll, but pay that no mind- it was Lobster Boy.
So we ate lobster and we drank Dickel. I think 50 people were there, at least, and Mulhauser Kurt showed up with his girlfriend Brigette. Paul did show up, eat, talk, and drive back in one night. There was a drawing for an awesome lobster boy clock, and a chef won. We went to bed around 1:30 to the sound of angry howling cats who objected to our presence. Somehow Jeep got locked outside, but that's another story, for him to tell!

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