Monday, July 07, 2003

On the way back from Kansas City this weekend, at Effingham we got off I-70 and took Ol' 40 all of the way to Terre Haute. You can drive at a reasonable speed, and have almost no traffic this way. Plus the scenery.

In Terre Haute, we stopped for dinner at Ambrosini's. A Terre Haute standard for many a year. Sunday night a band was setting up in the tavern, and it was so damn hot in the outdoor dining area (on the street), so like we sat in the Family Dining area. Ordered up a pitcher of Bud (for me -- Ab drove the rest of the way home) and a generous order of cod and perfect french fries, with slaw. Abby had the Italian Roast Beef. Looked good. Definitely worth a look if you happen in the Haute. Near downtown at 1367 Wabash. Afterwards if your in the mood, stumble across the street to Sonka's Irish Pub, another Terre Haute classic.

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