Friday, July 25, 2003

Built to Spill, the ordinary guys from Boise who happen to make extrordinary music, will be playing in Cincinnati on a Friday, 9-19-03. I'm trying to decide if it would be worth the money and effort to see them play, if only to hear them do "Kicked It in the Sun". This got me thinking about Soundtrack Moments in my life.
Everyone who enjoys music has Soundtrack Moments- whether they are accidental, coincidental, or contrived. Indeed I'm sure it is a reflection of our self-aware, ironic post-post zeitgeist- but they bring such joy! It was in August three years ago that I was careening down the Cherohala Skyway in North Carolina listening to some mix tape that contained "Kicked It in the Sun" and its guitars that churn like a creek in the springtime. This is the road that bikers love- they race up and down it in their crotch rockets and sometimes die doing it. Speaking of roadtrips and Soundtrack Moments, I must mention that before we left on our trip to drive the Pacific Coast Hwy to Big Sur I carefully made a couple of discs of tunes that would be good driving music. It worked brilliantly! Particularly "Rings Around the World" by Super Furry Animals- the low bass and high-flung keyboard zings meshed perfectly with spectacular scenery exploding past us. Lime green mountains on one side, cold blue ocean on the other, condors wheeling above. Finally, I note a Soundtrack Moment worthy of a "feel-good" movie. It was winter, and Jeep, John, Jenny, Todd and I came back from dinner during a very heavy snowfall. Huge flakes were spinning from the violet night sky and clinging to everything. We ran into our backyard and made snowman, snow angels, threw snowballs...Exhausted we came inside with a big dish of the main ingredient for snow ice cream, and the song that was playing was the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" Timely, lovely, and unplanned.

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