Saturday, June 28, 2003

In the news: Bob Evans is bought by Cracker Barrel. The new modified restaurant chain will be called Cracker Evans.
The First Day of Summer was celebrated at our household with about 30 plus other individuals including Guest Hosts Jennie and John . A turkey was smoked. Several legs of lamb were roasted over our brick lined fire pit. Many enjoyed G&T's in the sun. And a new drink, the Flamboyant, that we first tasted in the Mission in SF. Its ginger, hibiscus, soda, and vodka.

We inaugurated our garage club Little Baobab where the sounds of King Sunny Ade could be heard. The original Lil Baobab is where we tasted the ginger drinks served by the Senegalese owners. The fires burned in the firepit until the wee hours. Special guest Amy Holzhausen was the long distance runner, staying over, instead of going home to NW Indiana.


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Spirited Away> Miyazaki's hugely successful animated film. See it. It is great.
Wow. Miyazaki is the pow. He is subtle. This film takes you into a wholely different place.
What else have we been watching?

Summer begins in just four days. Saturday, June 21st at 3:10pm. So show up early and enjoy a gin and tonic with me under the sun.

These are the days that will pass fast. In August I'll feel some melancholy for June days. The days where I'd walk out of our house in Dillsboro, look up at the sun and sneeze, go barefoot into the field with my collie Prince. My feet damp, grass sticking to them, I'd walk to the deep pond, look down and know I couldn't see the bottom.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Every night, Graves said, he dreams of walking. The other day, he dreamed he was watching a Mets game and there was an advertisement for a futuristic film. "There was a superwoman with a 24th century gun," Graves recalled. "She looked at me. I was walking. And she said, 'The amphibian walks!'

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I got the Monkey Pox.

I caught it from my Prairie Cat, Central Zoya.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

"The lack of health insurance in the United States resulted in more than 18000 unnecessary deaths in 2000." - Paroma Basu & Corey Powell, Discover Magazine July 2003

Monday, June 09, 2003

More to Muncie than a Smug Cat!

Sunday after a morning of painting, we drove up to Muncie, IN to see an opening by four former Ball State artists: Steve Lacy, Matt Lynch, George Shumar and Chris Vorhees. Also they are friends of mine that go way back. Abby and I met George at the door of Gordy Fine Art at 224 E. Main St. in Beautiful Downtown Muncie and proceeded on inside. By Gosh, George hasn't changed other than a little silver in the hair. Still in a ballcap and shorts. I can't remember the last time I saw him but its that same George.
Lacy came over and pointed out the display of Sticky Boys 'zines. True classics. And in the case next to them is an original Brother Banjo that includes the first Sticky Boys cartoon. Lacy jogged my memory a bit with the fact that we first met in a Geology class in the late eighties. We first talked while doing some lab that involved colored water and sediment. Just like St. Patrick's Day in Muncie when the Mayor used to dress like a leprechaun and pour green dye in the White River.

Matt Lynch brought my attention to a blower device than turns a Sticky Boys tee shirt into a balloon every 15 minutes. Sweet. While trying to find out about this exhibit, I found a story on Lynch working on a cooperative that designed the SIMPARCH Bowl: Free Basin, a portable indoor skate bowl that is sculpture and sport at the same time. It has been displayed all over. I also got to talk to Matt's wife, Elaine, who I met once before in Cincinnati. Of course on Sunday I couldn't remember her name. Doh.

Soon more friends, artists Kim and John Atkins (also former Fighting Redbirds), showed up at the door. After looking at all of the crazed art, a discussion of past and current art profs popped up. The discussion centered around John Gee and one of Lacy's drawings. Which has at least one thing in common with sculptor Antony Gormley's recent work that included 7000 naked bodies.

I had a nice discussion with Chris Vorhees about Burger Light, a low brow Cincy beer exhibited at the gallery. Another visitor to Goody's that day was Danette, another friend I had not seen for a long time. After the show the Sticky Boys were heading offer to distant parts of our great USA. Matt was heading to Utah and the Bonneville Flats so he can put his van on cruise control and climb in the back and read. Steve back home to Chicago. George back to Montpelier. And Chris, well, he don't grow no moss.

The exhibit is on display through June 28. So I suggest taking a break for a relaxing visit to Muncie. There are several places to eat downtown. The Minnetrista Center has a nice garden.

For more info click here.

Vorhees Rad Lawn Art

Later Saturday, Ab and I met with Todd and Jo, and Kim and Dave at the infamous Lakeview Supper Club (in the style of a Wisconsin Supper Club, more club, less supper) off Kentucky Avenue. The Lakeshore is on a former pay lake, that has an impressive view of the hardworking backbone of Indianapolis: the stockyards, landfill, waste disposal, and the water treatment plant. We listened to a threesome called Accoustic Flyer perform songs by the Beatles, Dylan, Young, and the Dead. Accoustic Flyer is made up of some very grateful members of the late band, Funkbud Johnny. The deal is they play until 9pm and then they head to play another gig in Bloomington. At 9pm a 'Conway Twitty-Style' country band starts up, which means the clientele has a high turnover at that point. Less sandles and Converse All-stars, more boots and big belt buckles. Since I don't ride the mechanical bull, we leave. So Abby can fry up some tortillas.

Wedding Weekend:
I married Jeremiah and Janet Munedaug Studebaker Saturday afternoon. It was the first wedding that I have legally officiated. Before that I married Jane and Eric Hull in Gerk's backyard several years ago, but they had the legal part taken care of before the public knot-tying.
And I believe as of this moment, both unions are still viable. Both couples were such perfect matches, I had no reservations about officiating at their public ceremonies.
Jeremiah and Janet are the ones who made this wedding happen, and they are the ones who will keep in rolling. Both of them are stronger together.

Friday night we ran through the rehearsal at Eagle's Hide-a-Way, Eagle Creek Park. It was a little wet so we rehearsed inside. The first runthrough had me with my back to a glass wall, and a male cardinal kept attacking his reflection in the glass, getting laughs from the wedding party. At this point I thought I might need to revise my material, make it more funny, to beat out the competition. But then we decided to rehearse outside. Where in we worked out the kinks. Then it was over to Kylie and Buster Studebaker for a fab dinner of prime rib and salmon.

Saturday afternoon was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Warm with a light breeze through the oak and beech trees, sun and a few clouds, an indigo bunting (the blue hummingbird). A good turnout of friends and family. I didn't flub up the vows . . . too much. Janet was beautiful. Jeremiah was handsome. The maid-of-honor, Nikki, and the best man Andrew were likewise. A very proud moment for Jennie's parents, Joe and Vivian, and John's ma and pa, Buster and Kylie.

Janet, like most brides, kept Jeremiah waiting at the altar, until she was good and ready. After the banquet, toasts, and cake the couple headed off towards Southern Indiana.

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