Saturday, August 28, 2004

a day in history 

Although it is true bush is evil. There is one thing that happened on this August day many years ago. He could not prevent the birth of a very special induvidual. Yes it is Amy H natal day. Once she was the youngest, but now she is getting up there with the rest of us. We are glad to have you Amy. Don't change !! We love you !!

I completely forgot about the Bush campaign against Amy H back when. How the Bush the Elder tried to go back in time using that Petroleum Warble Discharger. How GHWB tried to keep Amy's great great great grandmother from marrying her great great great grandfather by wooing her away with offers to become Queen of Arabia.

Luck was with the Holzhauser. Great Granddad was able to cuff Bush Sr. in secret patty.
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