Thursday, June 10, 2004

yeah lets remember reagan 

the man who would ignore the little thing in the eighties which started as grid, which we know today as aids.
yes the same heads of chief that refused medical funding to prevent one of if not the most devistating diseases in our life time. yep the very man that gave arms and power to sadam .....
maybe i should stop old george might actual read this ...ha
what a joke who is he kidding
are americans really this ignorant


i am scared if only people would remember history and not for the catchy jingles
dang this whole thing is to try and re elect the most pathetic , self centered, mind dead man alive
what the hell lets just go and bomb italy for wine and france for cheese

does any of this really make sense

bombing for oil
lets take it hey if we remember correctly is sort of the american thing to do
wipe out whole race of people steal land

enslave other people
is sort of the american way
i guess take what ya want throw out the rest

k am stepping off
the helicopters are outside for sure

people really think long and hard before u vote
that is if u really can cast your vote
yep thats right

they want to make it electronic cool
but hey lets recap a few novels
i think that we know the titles

451 for a hint

it is all so surreal

you tellem.

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