Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Gas taxes. Personally I am for gas taxes under the right circumstances. When the economy was purring along in the 90s and people started buying bigger and more wasteful SUVs, a gas tax could have had several good consequenses. Higher gas prices would encourage people to purchase more efficient vehicles or to use public transit, reducing toxic emissions and greenhouse gases. Higher gas prices would make industry more efficient, making our country stronger and reducing our dependance on foreign oil. That dependance comes with a high price, and a gas tax would illuminate that price. We currently subsidize our low gas prices by using our military might to protect our suppliers.

VP Dickie Cheney has been railing against John Kerry lately about Kerry's support in the past for higher gas taxes. But this fact in today's New York Times highlights how amazingly dumb the Bush administration is. In 1986 Dickie Cheney also supported higher gas prices by taxing imported oil. If enacted, Dickie's plan would have cost consumers 1.2 trillion dollars by now.

What is that about glass houses?

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