Sunday, November 02, 2003

Yeah Halloween on Friday was spring-like, with a light showers. Tricksters were many, with one lad in a massive cow costume. The neighbors Boey were booing with fog machine and voice modulated. The girls across the street had a party. I was all purple except for my orange skull-face.

Many a spooky types peoples came to our house. Maid Marian Pell and Good Knight Bruce stopped by with a majic pumpkin. Big Todd of the Sombrero and Reb showed up. Susan and Jeremy brought some chocolate ice cream which was delish on top of the Ween Dongs Pat brought. Pat and Mark's friend Missy from Martinsville even attended. Todd and Jo were sharply dressed. Kim Bennett Atkins came by, from Daleville. Let me not forget JohnStoelting's brother and sister-in-law Mark and Karen came by and showed us some scary photos of their new home, including 70s-style Living Room Hot Tub.

Lotsa homemade pizza were scarfed. Too warm for a fire in the place, and to damp for a fire in the firepit. Lotsa Ween was played on top of spooky music.

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