Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Watched Das Boot last weekend. YEah, that is great study in humanity. Plus jaw-dropping intensity.

Worked with GRUV AV on Saturday for the American Neurological Ambassador's Headache Club. Whatever. Cluster Headaches for all. Sat was beautiful weather. That's when I found out the governor died. That night Dalevillians John and Kim made it to our place for some grilling and burning that ring of fire. Pat, MArk, Todd and Jo popped by, too.

Sunday abby made up a kettle of pork and beans which we set on the still hot coals of the firepit, while we went to the 17th Wes Montgomery Jazz Festival. On the way we got stuck in the crowd of happy Colts fans after Indy beat Tennessee. Military Park was filled with drunken Irish and wannabes at the Irish Fest, but we moved on to listen to some great jazz on the pleasant downtown canal, near St. Clair. Later we saw some pretty funny short films at the Indy Gay and Lesbian Film Festival down the street from our house.

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