Friday, September 19, 2003

No link between 9/11 and Iraq? That's what the President said.

But wait. Before we went to war, friends would argue that "Yes, there was a link". That was one of the reason it was justified that we go to war against Iraq. The other being the elusive weapons of mass destruction.

On the radio and the news and at work I hear people say "Why are in Iraq? You have a short memory . . . because of the WTC, 9/11".
People were saying that the President must know more about this link between Iraq and 9/11, but that the US government couldn't divulge more at the time because it would compromise the situation.
The White House led the citizens of our country to believe we were going to Iraq as a direct result of Iraq's involvement in 9/11. Bush has led on the American people too long.

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