Thursday, September 11, 2003

Last weekend wow.

Summer still on. Friday after dindin at Mama Corollas (good cocktails, great clams and calamari with linguini - slow service) Swag, Jo, Todd, and the two of us went to the Patio in Broad Ripple to see the Pernice Brothers. We got some rockstar parking and met a friend from work, Juan at the door. The opening act, a singer with a great voice, had mannerisms that reminded Ab of Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas . . . unfortunately once he got off the stage he continued the Cage routine stumbling into a bar stool.

The Pernice Brothers immediately took to the stage. And they jammed. Great short set. Joe Pernice and the band had to do a short set. Rain Chorus, a local Indiana group, had a scheduled CD release party and unfortunately the Pernice Bros. had to clear the stage, but not after they turned many in the audience into Pernice Believers. After the show we got to talk with Joe and guitarist Peyton Pinkerton. Friendly guys for East Coasters.

Four Words: See The Pernice Brothers.

Saturday Abby went for her first bicycle ride via a tandem rented at downtown Indy's White River State Park. We had a good if nervous time coasting around the canal and the IUPUI campus. Fantastic September weather made the ride even better. Later that night we soaked away the bumps in the hot tub at Gerke House off Eagle Creek Reservoir with Amber, Ryan, Zach, Todd, Jo, Pat, and Chawny.

Sunday me maw and paw came up for a fantastic dinner by Abby including our fresh tomatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, pork tenderloin, and spice cake. I made the sun tea. An early celebration of Karen Filter's birthday which is today. We also went for a walk around the new Indiana State Museum.

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