Wednesday, September 03, 2003


We spent the weekend visiting with Ab's mom, Manon, in Knoxville. Ate some spicy bbq chicken. Mmmm. Helped her pack for her move closer to the good record and book stores of Knoxville. Yes, they do exist.

Drove home into the awful rain. Indianapolis got hit with a boatload of rain. 7.5 inches. The most ever for Naptowne.

I don't know if it was the summer heat (mid 90s), the gas prices going into Labor Day weekend ($1.65 gallon cheap), or that it was just that summer was ending but the "best" of Indy's "rednecks" decided it was time to let me know their opinion of bicyclists. First as I passed a junky Cavalier, the driver let loose his horn, yelling "I should get a car." I didn't make a comment about his blue cruiser.

Next a red moving van from Sherman Moving, drove up behind me honking non-stop. I guess he wanted me to get out of the way. Since there was no place to go and I was pissed, I drove further out in the lane in front of these jerks. This made them honk more, and then they finally had to change lanes, cursing and shaking their fists.

The next morning while riding to work, as I passed two JDs, one of them yelled "get out of the road." When I stopped they didn't say anything more. The funny thing is, one of them was on a bicycle. I guess he figured I would still be in his way when he got his drivers license and car.

I guess I'll still be in his way when he gets a DUI and has to walk . . . or ride a bike.

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