Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Twelve years since I said that I would stay with Abby until death separates us from this life. Those words I spoke mean more today. It has been great.

For our 12 year Abby bought he a Pearl Studded Bike Helmet, and I bought her a silk purse made from Dick Cheney's left ear.

Actually we had a great weekend. Friday I received the good word from my doctor about that minor condition. Friday night we went down the street to the Key Cinema to see Winged Migration. Fantastic documentary. Then we went downtown. It was fairly crowded because of the Brickyard 400, but we found good service, great margaritas and savory Mexican at the new El Sol in Union Station. Afterwards we had a romantic walk up to Monument Circle where we watched people from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Sat. We loaded up the car with guns, ammo, methamphetamines, and comic books and headed to Kankakee, IL to see Brian, Gretchen, and their son, Jeb. We took the long way. I-74 out of Indy to the Waynetown exit. Went N on 25 and saw this small but well taken care of cemetery, Turkey Run Cemetery , home of the former T. Run Christian Church, est. 1820. The latest grave appeared to be from the 1870s. Set back from the road with low dark woods on two sides and a corn field to the north, it is a special place. Many of the graves that have broken have been carefully mended. There is even one of the post-Civil War cast zinc grave marker (beware: bad midi) looking as sharp and clear as when it was mounted, except for where what looks like a stray .22 has dinged it.

After watching some flycatchers we drove on to Wingate, where by chance, they were have a Sweet Corn Festival. And since it was noon, we had to stop for fish sandwiches, bad karoakee, girls playing softball, bingo, and fantastic sweet corn. All you can eat, $2. From there we drove through the scenic old river town of Attica across the Wabash to Williamsport to see the highest falls in Indiana. And there was water actually going over it. But with the way the city fathers have barricaded the view, and the many mosquitos on the trail, we didn't find it very welcoming. I hear that Fall Creek Gorge nearby is nicer.

Up divided highway Indiana 41 we went to Morocco, Indiana and made a left. This road soon become a single lane country road, but since it was flat, straight and had no stop signs, we made good time to Kankakee. We had a fun old time with the Eaton's. They grilled up a great supper, and we enjoyed a fire as the wind blew away the humidity. Jebadiah Eaton, 21 months old, is a blessing. The next day after a leisurely breakfast, we headed home. We needed to set up for a Zaireeka listening party. More on that later.

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