Sunday, August 17, 2003

GBV: Me crowd surfing + 44 songs + 'rock us' crowd = Great Show

Guided by Voices played Birdy's on North Keystone Saturday night. YEah Boy. It was a fun show.

After a great dinner (filet mignon skewered then grilled over charcoal, her homemade bialys)cooked up by Abby, Todd, Jo, Ab, and meself migrated north to meet with Mark Sweigart before the concert. There was alight crowd at Birdy's when we arrived. The opener, the Go, had some songs that had a good gruv, but my gawd, they were so loud. Up in the balcony we saw an old friend of Abby's, Bryan, former Ball U artist. Brian was there with a buddy, Brendon. We 'talked' with them for a while before GBV started playing.

'Talking' was more writing back and forth. Besides being really fricking loud, Brendon wrote "if they knew how bad they sounded they might care" to turn it down. The Go, see them if you like it deafening. During the break, we met a few more people here to see GBV: Seth and Duncan from West Lafeyette. The whole audience was a friendly bunch.

Bob Pollard and GBV shortly took the stage as the crowd suddenly grew a little larger. Not so large it was hard to get right up to the stage. Bob Pollard started off talking to the crowd, giving his usual pep talk. He talked about the recent Chicago Goose Island Music Fest, and some disagreements he had with the guy who played before GBV, Bob "Bobby" Mould. I guess there was some general snotty-ness.

With a mix of old, mid, and new releases, GBV kicked in the music. Band members Doug Gillard, Nate Farley, Kevin March, and Tim Tobias backed up Bob with their usual enthusiam. The energy got into the crowd to a point that Brendon and Bryan picked me up and sent me crowd surfing to the front of the stage. That was fantastic. even when I crashed to the floor, the crowd was there to give me a hand up . . . and give me some of my junk that fell out of my pockets. Abby was having a good time dancing near the front. Bryan took it upon himself to get the crowd into a little more a full contact slam.

The stage in Birdy's in the corner of this big room. The band has to walk through the audience to make the stage . . . which makes for a more intimate atmosphere. I got a big handshake from Bob as he made his way back to the stage for the encore. At the encore, the crowd was a dancing slamming bunch, but in a friendly way. By the end of the evening it was hot, sweaty, sticky, but we had got what we paid for, a jamming good time. They even played "Echos Myron". See article in the Indy Star, where it refers to a crowd surfer.

On to White Castle.

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