Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well, I saw Janet and Jeremiah drive away today. In a big U-Haul. Off to go to school at MICA in Baltimore. We ate Chinese with John and Jennie and the whole Stoelting family last night with Buster, Kylie, Swerdloe, Merken, and Kentayklothe too. Jeremiah, the big galoot. My mechanic. And Janet, both of whom we love. They are leaving Nuvo, Herron, Aerofab, and Indy for a while. We will miss them. We wish them mucho luck in Maryland.


Sunday afternoon we plan on watching the classic James Bond film "Zaireeka, My Dog" on our new 96" Plasma Screen.
Its the Bond film where the evil Pthalos destroys rock bands with his fibreboard ray. Your invited to attend.

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