Monday, July 21, 2003

Fighting Crows Inadvertently Save Baby's Life

POSTED: 7:26 a.m. EDT July 21, 2003

DHAKA, Bangladesh -- In Bangladesh, a newspaper reports a newborn baby girl has been rescued from a trash can -- thanks to the noise made by some scavenging crows. The report says the infant was wrapped in a bloody plastic bag and abandoned in a garbage can.

Two crows, apparently fighting over the child, drew the attention of onlookers -- who then heard the baby crying.
The paper says the newborn was taken to a hospital, where she is in good condition.
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The crows said once they realized it was a human baby they had seconds thoughts about eating the child's eyes and called the authorities. Of course, the crows had second thoughts but they wanted to do the right thing. Plus there was an old dying drunk down the alley way.

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