Monday, June 09, 2003

Wedding Weekend:
I married Jeremiah and Janet Munedaug Studebaker Saturday afternoon. It was the first wedding that I have legally officiated. Before that I married Jane and Eric Hull in Gerk's backyard several years ago, but they had the legal part taken care of before the public knot-tying.
And I believe as of this moment, both unions are still viable. Both couples were such perfect matches, I had no reservations about officiating at their public ceremonies.
Jeremiah and Janet are the ones who made this wedding happen, and they are the ones who will keep in rolling. Both of them are stronger together.

Friday night we ran through the rehearsal at Eagle's Hide-a-Way, Eagle Creek Park. It was a little wet so we rehearsed inside. The first runthrough had me with my back to a glass wall, and a male cardinal kept attacking his reflection in the glass, getting laughs from the wedding party. At this point I thought I might need to revise my material, make it more funny, to beat out the competition. But then we decided to rehearse outside. Where in we worked out the kinks. Then it was over to Kylie and Buster Studebaker for a fab dinner of prime rib and salmon.

Saturday afternoon was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Warm with a light breeze through the oak and beech trees, sun and a few clouds, an indigo bunting (the blue hummingbird). A good turnout of friends and family. I didn't flub up the vows . . . too much. Janet was beautiful. Jeremiah was handsome. The maid-of-honor, Nikki, and the best man Andrew were likewise. A very proud moment for Jennie's parents, Joe and Vivian, and John's ma and pa, Buster and Kylie.

Janet, like most brides, kept Jeremiah waiting at the altar, until she was good and ready. After the banquet, toasts, and cake the couple headed off towards Southern Indiana.

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