Monday, June 09, 2003

More to Muncie than a Smug Cat!

Sunday after a morning of painting, we drove up to Muncie, IN to see an opening by four former Ball State artists: Steve Lacy, Matt Lynch, George Shumar and Chris Vorhees. Also they are friends of mine that go way back. Abby and I met George at the door of Gordy Fine Art at 224 E. Main St. in Beautiful Downtown Muncie and proceeded on inside. By Gosh, George hasn't changed other than a little silver in the hair. Still in a ballcap and shorts. I can't remember the last time I saw him but its that same George.
Lacy came over and pointed out the display of Sticky Boys 'zines. True classics. And in the case next to them is an original Brother Banjo that includes the first Sticky Boys cartoon. Lacy jogged my memory a bit with the fact that we first met in a Geology class in the late eighties. We first talked while doing some lab that involved colored water and sediment. Just like St. Patrick's Day in Muncie when the Mayor used to dress like a leprechaun and pour green dye in the White River.

Matt Lynch brought my attention to a blower device than turns a Sticky Boys tee shirt into a balloon every 15 minutes. Sweet. While trying to find out about this exhibit, I found a story on Lynch working on a cooperative that designed the SIMPARCH Bowl: Free Basin, a portable indoor skate bowl that is sculpture and sport at the same time. It has been displayed all over. I also got to talk to Matt's wife, Elaine, who I met once before in Cincinnati. Of course on Sunday I couldn't remember her name. Doh.

Soon more friends, artists Kim and John Atkins (also former Fighting Redbirds), showed up at the door. After looking at all of the crazed art, a discussion of past and current art profs popped up. The discussion centered around John Gee and one of Lacy's drawings. Which has at least one thing in common with sculptor Antony Gormley's recent work that included 7000 naked bodies.

I had a nice discussion with Chris Vorhees about Burger Light, a low brow Cincy beer exhibited at the gallery. Another visitor to Goody's that day was Danette, another friend I had not seen for a long time. After the show the Sticky Boys were heading offer to distant parts of our great USA. Matt was heading to Utah and the Bonneville Flats so he can put his van on cruise control and climb in the back and read. Steve back home to Chicago. George back to Montpelier. And Chris, well, he don't grow no moss.

The exhibit is on display through June 28. So I suggest taking a break for a relaxing visit to Muncie. There are several places to eat downtown. The Minnetrista Center has a nice garden.

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