Monday, June 09, 2003

Later Saturday, Ab and I met with Todd and Jo, and Kim and Dave at the infamous Lakeview Supper Club (in the style of a Wisconsin Supper Club, more club, less supper) off Kentucky Avenue. The Lakeshore is on a former pay lake, that has an impressive view of the hardworking backbone of Indianapolis: the stockyards, landfill, waste disposal, and the water treatment plant. We listened to a threesome called Accoustic Flyer perform songs by the Beatles, Dylan, Young, and the Dead. Accoustic Flyer is made up of some very grateful members of the late band, Funkbud Johnny. The deal is they play until 9pm and then they head to play another gig in Bloomington. At 9pm a 'Conway Twitty-Style' country band starts up, which means the clientele has a high turnover at that point. Less sandles and Converse All-stars, more boots and big belt buckles. Since I don't ride the mechanical bull, we leave. So Abby can fry up some tortillas.

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