Tuesday, April 29, 2003

In the fast efficiency that is American business, billboard companies like Clear Channel are pasting, placarding and polluting Indiana roadways with despicable signage. I-65 south from Indianapolis to Louisville is a road that gets more pleasant on the eye the further south you go, until you reach the miles of ugly signs on massive steel piers near New Albany. These signs will be there for the long haul. And each billboard company is moving as fast as possible to get their ugly post in the ground before the next guy.

Right now the Mayor of Indianapolis is suggesting a billboard moratorium for the city. Which is fine by me. I think if you asked most people, they would agree that billboards are ugly. Of course, the questions of freedom of speech and private property come into play when we talk about restricting certain signage. There is a way we could attack billboard blight without the legal fight. Treat every individual who works for a billboard company just like we treat people who own XXX adult bookstores. Get the point across that if you own, sell advertising, buy space on the sign, or replace the lights on the billboard, you are sleaze. Treat these people with the least respect possible.

Companies, like Viacom and Lamar, that sell outdoor advertising are ruining the beauty that is America. Because of market forces, these companies are basically out of control in regard to putting their own limits on how many billboards they will plant. Like a virus, they will build as many billboards as they can sell. The public is the only force that can put limits on these scum.See this link for more.

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