Friday, December 06, 2002

Trip to Knoxville and Atlanta for Thanksgiving was swell.
Like my belly after too much turkey. Is there ever too much turkey?
Abby, our niece Lauren (possibly attending Antioch College in OH soon),
and myself went out around town. We got to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden (sp?)
They have a large number of mind-blowing plants, many types of orchids and strange pitcher plants.

We rented a 2003 Grand Prix GTP for the trip.
Quite a sporty upgrade from the Escort. Eats gas but comfy with great sound, moonroof, and awesome pick-up even
up a mountain with 3 adults and luggage. And it was shiny red and new with only 10 miles on the gauge.

Ab didnt mention Lauren has also met bOb pOLLARd of Guided By Voices.

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